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Hope for All Nations started in April, 2017 and we are a society of vision-oriented individuals who channel our strengths, abilities and endowments into improving the lives of children in our society who need help in various areas. We have a responsibility to fight and eradicate child trafficking, exploitation and abuse and also help children and families suffering from lack of basic survival needs in and outside our country.

With the rise in poverty, hunger, lack of education, inequality, insurgence and violence, disease outbreak, climate change etc. in the world, a lot of children are forced into so many unthinkable and unpalatable situations which child trafficking, abuse, exploitation and deprivation are part of. We know we can help these children have and live a better life, that is why we have come together to see how wide we can reach with our collective efforts and determination.

We are ready to take Our world (for our children) to a difference place through humanitarian efforts, philanthropy, empowerment, advocacy, education and civic actions. Join us in turning this dream of a better world into a reality not just for some but for EVERY CHILD, we are all ONE and we need to stand as ONE.

Join us and stand with Hope for All Nations Charity Organization as we safeguard the future of every child around the world!